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ABCO 3 section physiotherapy MANIPULATION COUCH details and specifications

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"ABCO" 3 section physiotherapy MANIPULATION COUCH details

The ABCO physiotherapy Manipulation Couch has a head end with a face hole and a backrest that raises to 80 degreas. the ABCO physiotherapy Manipulation Couch 3 sectio raises from 50 to 100cm.

The ABCO physiotherapy Manipulation Couches are manufactured in Australia. They use the "Linak" motor units manufactured in Denmark. These are general purpose manipulation and treatment couches designed for use in physiotherapy or medical rooms. They have retractable castors to allow ease of movement or the option of 75mm braked castors. The electric control of the height controlled by a low voltage foot or hand switch. Option of electric control of the back rest. The height range of 50 to 100cm allows easy access when lowered and can lift 200kg with the option of 350kg lifting.
Vinyl covered top uses medical grade vinyl over 12mm soft foam them 38mm firm foam on a heavy plywood board.

The centre can be raised on the manipulation couch 3section drainage.

"ABCO" Physiotherapy MANIPULATION COUCH options

The 75mm braked castors and the prone arm supports and the removable arm rests are factory fitted items. The stools (of course) may be supplied later.

Optional 75mm lockable castors.
75mm castors option
Optional Prone Arm rests
Prone arm rests option
The stool with backrest is a help with long proceedures.
Work stool with back rest
Adjustable height stool
Work stool, choice of vinyl colours.
physiotherapy manipulation text facehole
Face hole option.
Option of manipulation couch removable armrests
Couch removable armrests.
Option of a towel roll holder.
Work stool, choice of vinyl colours.
The physiotherapy couches have achoice of vinyl colours
Couch and stool vinyl. Click for full range.

"ABCO" Physiotherapy MANIPULATION COUCH detailed specifications

Couch dimensions 1930 x 600mm (or 700mm) Frame Heavy steel plate and steel tube powder coated grey
Height range 500 to 1000mm Height lift mechanism 2 swing arms
Lift motor "Linak" European motor Supply voltage 230v ac 59Hz 1.5amp
Lifting capacity 200kg (optional 350kg) Motor operating voltage 24v DC (70VA)
Foot switch(or hand switch) 24v DC Shipping dimensions 170x63x56cm 90kg
ARTG No 123753 Manufacturer ABCO Health Care, Australia

This information is given as guide to the options available with this device.
All details are subject to change without notice.
Refer to manufactures instruction book for full operating details.

Manufactured by ABCO Health Care, Clayton Victoria, Australia.

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