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Physiotherapy Manipulation Couch 3 section Physiotherapy Manipulation Couch 2 section

ABCO Physiotherapy "MANIPULATION" range have a lifting capacity of 200kg with an option of 350kg. They use a heavy dual arm frame mechanism which is very strong and stable. This frame has an up/down range of 50cm to 100cm with very little horizontal travel throughout - about 5cm. The electric motor, manufactured in Denmark, uses a low voltage foot switch. These couches use the high quality fire resistant vinyl over firm foam on a heavy plywood base. The foam is brought around the edges of the couch which makes the vinyl cover resistant to trolley or wheel chair knocks. Options are available on this range including wider upholstery, side arms and cot sides. Manufactured in Australia.
OPTIONS include a face hole in back rest, electric lift on back rest, hand switch, removable arm rests, massage type face crest and 75mm lockable castors.

MORE DETAILS 3 section couch

MORE DETAILS 2 section couch

Physiotherapy MANIPULATION COUCH Model C - with clear base using lifting columns

Physiotherapy Manipulation Couch C 2 section Physiotherapy Manipulation Couch C 3 section

The ABCO Physio "C" Treatment Table has a highly stable work surface and has smooth lifting motion with no horizontal travel. This table has a LIFTING CAPACITY OF 300kg. The 2 square lifting columns leave very little area for any chance of injury. The head rest and the 3 section couch back rest are adjusted with the assistance of a gas strut and the table's height adjustment is by a foot switch (or an optional 2nd foot switch or a hand switch).
The vinyl used on the ABCO couches is a high quality medical grade vinyl covering firm foam with a strong plywood base. There is a choice of vinyl colours.
Options include 75mm braked castors, choice of switches and also adjustable arm rests.
Dimensions - 187cm long x 60cm wide. The head end is 34cm long. Height range is 48cm to 88cm with no horizontal movement.

Physiotherapy MANIPULATION COUCH 2 section with prone arm rests

Manipulation Couch 2 section with prone arm rests. Manipulation Couch C 2 section with prone arm rests.


ABCO Physiotherapy Traction Couch ABCO Physiotherapy Traction Couch drawing

ABCO Physiotherapy Traction Couch

Physiotherapy TRACTION COUCH 3 SECTION (standard) - 3 section couch with head end lifts and lowers 25/25deg, foot end lifts 75deg., foot end and adjacent section move horizontally for traction and can be locked at any position. Supplied with swivel arm and up/down mounting plate for traction or bumper bar for mobile traction unit. Electric Up/Down 50 to 104cm. Lifting capacity 200kg. Manufactured in Australia.

More details of ABCO Physiotherapy Traction Couch

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