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"ABCO" P55 PODIATRY CHAIR details and specifications

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The P55 PODIATRY CHAIR is suitable for all Podiatry practices. The P55 PODIATRY CHAIR can raise from 49 to 109cm and when tilted the foot can be more than another 30cm high.

Designed for the bigger patient with a lifting capacity of 325kg. Fast lift from 50 to 175cm (heel height).
Swing back arms for easy access. Medical grade vinyl with a choice of colours. "Navy" is the standard colour.
A 3 section chair with an overall extended length of 192cm. Electric operation of back rest and seat tilt.
Gas strut assist foot rest. Retractable castors with corner adjustment on foot to stabilize the chair.

The P55 PODIATRY CHAIR is show as a flat treatment couch. The P55 PODIATRY CHAIR is shown tilted and raised.

The P55 Tilt table set as a flat examination couch. - - - - - - P55 Tilt Table set to maximum tilt and height.


The stainless steel Podiatry Chair deberis tray is avaiable as an option.
Debris Tray.
also a slide out tray option.
The Podiatry chair can be supplied with a breath hole.
Back Rest Breath Hole with removable plug.
The Podiatry Chair can be supplied with 75mm castors.
75cm lockable castors.

We can supply Podiatry stools with or without a backrest
Work Stools with or witout
An option is the Podiatry Chair foot rest covers
Foot rest cover -
2 sizes.
A large range of colours are available the PODIATRY CHAIR Couch and stool vinyl.
Couch and stool vinyl. Click for fullrange.


Couch dimensions 1780 to 1930 x 600mm (760mm across arm rests) Frame Heavy steel plate and steel tube powder coated grey
Height range 500 - 1050mm, tilt to 1750mm Height lift mechanism single swing arm
Lift motor "Linak" European motor Supply voltage 230v ac 59Hz 1.5amp
Lifting capacity 325kg Motor operating voltage 24v DC (70VA)
Foot switch 24v DC, 3 section. Shipping dimensions 170x80x65cm 110kg
Wheels 50mm retractable castors Stability Adjustable foot at one corner
ARTG No 123753 Manufacturer ABCO Health Care, Australia

VINYL PANELS :- Navy vinyl (or a choice of vinyl colours), vinyl medical grade fire retardant and formulated to inhibit the hardening and breakdown due to oils and perspiration. 38mm high density foam + 12mm soft foam to give a firm but comfortable top. Foam is taken over the edge of the plywood base. This reduces damage from bumps from trolleys, wheel chairs etc.

All details are subject to change without notice.
Refer to manufactures instruction book for full operating details.
Manufactured by ABCO Health Care, Dandenong South, Victoria (Australia).

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