ABCO rehabilitation Change Tables.

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ABCO rehabilitation CHANGE TABLES.

ABCO rehabilitation Change Table
ABCO junior rehabilitation Change Table

Rehabilitation Change Table Specifications

ABCO rehabilitation CHANGE TABLE A single section CHANGE TABLE. Height adjusting from 45 - 95cm incorporating side rails for attaching securing straps. The generous 70 x 183cm surface allows for bigger clients. Optional upholstered side and end fold-down cot sides available as factory fitted options. MORE DETAILS

ABCO JUNIOR rehabilitation CHANGE TABLE A smaller version of the ABCO Change Table at 70 x 125cm with fold-down side and ends as standard. The ends may be fixed in the horizontal to extend the table surface length by up to 44cm. MORE DETAILS

Space Saver Change table

ABCO rehabilitation Change Table Space Saver

The ABCO Space Saver Change Table has been designed as an alternative to the wall mount type tables.
This is a free standing table with a height range of 45 to 85cm, a lifting capacity of 150kg and a folded width of 30cm (apart from the flat base plate).
Interchangeable tops allow the table size to be increased as the user grows - lenghts 120cm, 150 and 180cm.
Cot sides can be added or removed at any stage.


All prices and specifications subject to change without notice

I. D. Stewart Pty. Ltd.

ABN 69 001 130 338

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