Traction Couch by ABCO and ITO traction Unit

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ABCO Traction Couch and ITO Traction Unit.

ABCO Traction Couch ITO TM400 Traction Unit

COMPLETE TRACTION PACKAGES Traction Packages: - These consist of a Traction Couch, an ITO Traction Unit, lumbar and thoracic harnesses, neck halter, spreader bar, adjusting straps and a knee stool. Total length of traction and couch 2.48 metres.

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Traction Unit ITO TM-400

ITO TRAC TM-400 TRACTION UNIT - static or intermittent traction from 1.8 to 90 kg. Digital display of all important paramrters. Intermittent hold and rest times 1 to 99 sec. Rest pressure 0 to 89 kg. Treatment time 1 to 99 minutes. Up to 20 patient programs may be stored for recall at the next treatment. Flat plate mounting or clamp mounting.

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ABCO Traction Couch

TRACTION COUCH 3 SECTION (standard) - 3 section couch with head end lifts and lowers 25/25deg, foot end lifts 75deg., foot end and adjacent section move horizontally for traction and can be locked at any position. Supplied with swivel arm and up/down mounting plate for traction or bumper bar for mobile traction unit. Electric Up/Down 50 to 104cm. Lifting capacity 200kg.

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Traction Harnesses and Accessories

All prices in Australian dollars. Price subject to change without notice.

Traction Harnesses
Adjusting straps $70.40 TRAS
Flexion Stool $191.40 CATRFS
Pelvic Harness $121.00 TRHP
Thoracic Harness $127.60 TRHT
Head Halter $90.20 TRHHB

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice

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