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Ultrasonic Gel for greyhound or equine treatment.

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Equine Ultrasonic Gel

TGS Ultrasonic Gel

A high quality clear ultrasonic gel which may be used for ultrasound or stimulation.
This gel can be supplied singly or as a box of 3 in the 5 litre, or box of 12 with the 500ml bottles.

TGS 5 litre gel. (code :- UGT5) $43.50 + delivery.
TGS 5 litre gel x 3 or more. (code :- UGT5a) $42.50 each + delivery.
Gel pump (code :- UGTP) $24.00 + delivery.
TGS 500ml (code :- UGT.5) $12.00 + delivery.
TGS 500ml box of 12 (code :- UGT.5a) $138.00 + delivery.

Manufactured for T.G.S. Electronics,Victoria, Australia.

ULTRASONIC GEL coloured blue

Greyhound and Canine Ultrasonic Gel for untrasound and electrotherapy treatment. Available in a 5 litre bladder pack with squeeze bottle.

A high quality blue coloured ultrasonic which may be used for veterinary or medical purposes.
This gel is supplied in a 5 litre bladder pack with a squeeze bottle.

Ultrasonic Gel 5 litre $38.50+ delivery.

This gel is formulated to give an excellent conductivity for ultrasound waves allowing the full ultrasonic output to transfer to the skin. this gel is water soluble and can be easily washed off after the treatment. This gel does not affect the cables of the ultrasonic unit.

Our Ultrasonic Gel is also suitable as an electrical contact medium when using electric stimulators.

The ultrasound output vibrates the surface of the crystal at 800,000 or 1,000,000 times per second. This vibration is very small and far above hearing but it is powerful enough to penetrate 2.5cm into the tissue. As this powerful output is beyond what air can transfer, there must be a liquid conductor between the crystal and the skin of the animal. Ultrasonic gel gives the best conduction. Other creams or oils may work but may cause the crystal to overheat, or in the case of oils damage may occur to the cables causing them to become brittle.
If the crystal is out of contact for more than 30 seconds the energy that should be passing into the animal will be absorbed by the crystal and cause overheating and irreversible damage. Newer physiotherapy ultrasonic machines have an automatic switch off if there is poor contact but this has proved to be impractical when used on animal hair. Treated with a little care the TGS crystal head and handle will give many years of reliable service.

All details and prices are subject to change without notice.
Refer to manufactures instruction book for full operating details.

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