TGS ET-4 FARADIC STIMULATOR (muscle contractors).

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TGS ET-4c Canine Muscle Contractor (Faradic Stimulator).
TGS ET-4e Equine Muscle Contractor (Faradic Stimulator).

The TGS Musle Contractor is useful for detecting injured musles, treating muscle injuries, locating injured musles and for stengtening withered muscles.

ET-1 Faradic Stimulator TGS ET-4 muscle contractor electrodes

TGS ET-4 Muscle Contractor (Faradic Stimulator) FEATURES

Model ET-4 Faradic stimulator can be used as both a diagnostic and as a therapeutic tool.
By exercising individual muscles, injuries can be located. Muscles can then be exercised, increasing blood flow into the injured area to assist in healing.
In the case of withered and weak muscles, their strength and durability can be increased through individual exercising.
Light weight, very compact and with a built-in belt clip.
Rechargeable battery operation for complete portability.
Variable frequency control allows the output to be fine-tuned to maximise the effectiveness of each treatment.

TGS ET-4 Faradic Stimulator SPECIFICATIONS

Power Supply:- 9 volts DC (rechargeable battery,) 12 hours continuous operation.
Output Impedance:- 5000 ohms. Voltage 0-300 volts. Polarity Undirectional
Frequency:- 15-35 hz.
Pulse Rise Time:- 5 microseconds, Fall Time:- 400 microseconds, Leading Edge Square Wave, Trailing Edge Half Sine Wave.
Envelope Repitition Rates: 10 per second, 5 per second, 1 per 2.5 seconds, 1 per 5 seconds.
Dimensions:- 50mm x 95mm x 150mm. Weight:- 350 gms.

Prices in AUD and includes GST.
ET-4c Canine Muscle Contractor. $450.00 (plus freight).
ET-4e Equine Muscle Contractor. $490.00 (plus freight).

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I. D. Stewart Pty. Ltd.

ABN 69 001 130 338

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