TGS US-7e Equine Ultrasound

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TGS US-7e Equine Ultrasonic Unit.

This may look small - But it has the full power and proven reliability of the previous TGS Ultrasounds!
800kHz for deeper treatment.


Ultrasonic US-7E and US-7EB features

The TGS model US-7e Equine Ultrasound has been designed veterinary use on large animals. This unit has been designed for especially for the treatment of horses and operates at 800kHz for deeper penetration, instead of 1MHz which the canine unit uses.
Output power is variable from 0 to 3 watts/square cm. The crystal is 2.5cm in diameter which give a maximum of 15 watts acoustic output.
The output can be pulsed for acute injuries and bony areas or continuous for areas with more muscle mass.
The head is completely waterproof for sub-aquatic treatment.
For treatment time you may choose 3 or 6 minutes.
It has a strong metal case with a clean compact design. The panel of the US-7e is deigned for easy operation and all controls are of the older style which are of readily available type, thus ensures a long serviceable life.
This ultrasound runs from a 24volt "Plug Pack" for extra safety.
The TGS US-7e Ultrasound, which is manufacture in Australia, carries a 2 year warranty.
Supplied with a tube of TGS Ultrasound Gel and a comprehensive manual.

Equine ultrasonic therapy unit with details and the handle in the cradle
This easy to carry Equine ultrasonic therapy unit allows treatment without trailing leads.


The US-7EB is the same as the US-7E except that instead of operating from a power outlet this unit has a built in Lithium battery which will give you about 6 hours of treatment between charges. The US-7EB allows freedom from leads and extension cables which can be difficult in a stable.


TGS Ultrasonic Gel in 5 litre and 500ml bottle, clear conductive gel for use with ultrasound or contractor

TGS ULTRASONIC GEL more details- click here

US-7e - $795.00 with 2 x 500ml ultrasound gel (plus freight).
US-7eb battery operation - $1185.00 with 2 x 500ml ultrasound gel (plus freight).
Ultrasound gel TGS - 500ml - $9.50 (plus freight).
Ultrasound gel TGS - 5 litre - $37.50 (plus freight).
Pump for 5 ltre gel $10.45 (plus freight).
Prices in AUD and include GST.


I. D. Stewart Pty. Ltd.

ABN 69 001 130 338

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