Standard and Slim Line X-Ray viewing boxes.

These Slim Line X-Ray viewing boxes use LCD technology to give an even light. The Standard X-Ray viewing boxes use acuratley spaced flurecent tubes to give an even light.

Wall mount LCD slim x-ray viewing boxes with a very even light screen - only 2.4cm thick or 4.1cm thick for larger boxes.
Wall or desk mount fluorescent tube x-ray viewing boxes designed with accurate tube spacing to give an even light. 12cm thick.

X-Ray Viewing Box prices. (not including freight costs or GST).

Number of bays Display Width Height Depth Price $AU (excl.GST)
Single Fluorescent 44cm 55cm 12cm
Double Fluorescent 80cm 55cm 12cm
Triple Fluorescent 116cm 55cm 12cm
Quad Fluorescent TBA 55cm 12cm
Single Liquid Crystal 47cm 55cm 2.4cm
Double Liquid Crystal 55cm 55cm 2.4cm
Triple Liquid Crystal 55cm 55cm 4.5cm
Quad Liquid Crystal 55cm 55cm 4.5cm

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice

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