ABOUT I.D.Stewart Pty.Ltd.

I. D. Stewart Pty.Ltd suppliers of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and veterinary equipment.

We trust that you find this web site helpful. Our aim is to give easy access to details of the equipment that we supply. We do not have prices on a lot of the equipment as delivery and installation costs may affect the price.
We are also aware that the electrotherapy equipment is not suitable for sale to other than professionals trained for that equipment.

We have 30 years of experience in the supply and maintenance of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment as well as podiatry and gynae chairs. We prefer you to email or phone for further information to ensure the product is most suitable for your requirements.

Payments may be by direct deposit, most credit cards (and phone in), cheques or cash.

Below is a list of our associated companies.

physiotherapy couches,

Australian manufacturer of physiotherapy couches,
traction couches, neurological couches, tilt tables,
walking rails, postural mirrors, change tables,
Gynaecological chairs, podiatry chairs, massage tables,
pilates, treatment chairs and work stools.

electrotherapy and supplies by Access Health

EquaGel pressure therapy cushions,
TENS equipment,
and a wide range of physiotherapy and rehabilitation supplies.

Visit Access Health

x-ray viewing boxes, work stools and saddle seat stools

Importers of stainless steel trolleys, powder coated trolleys,
x-ray viewing boxes, work stools and saddle seat stools,
imported manipulation and examination couches,
fold up massage couches, ultrasonic gel,
and a large range of general practice equipment.

TGS veterinary Ultrasound and Magnetic Field

Supplier and manufacturer of TGS Ultrasonic Gel (IPL gel).
Manufacturer of TGS veterinary Ultrasound and Magnetic Field.
Also other equipment for canine and equine treatments.

I. D. Stewart Pty. Ltd.

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