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* for use by a qualified physiotherapist or medical practitioner.

Endomed 482 Interferential Unit

NEW MODEL Endomed 482 Electrotherapy Unit

New model Endomed 482 Interferential and Electrotherapy Unit (shown without and with suction unit).
This state of the art interferential uses touch screen technology which gives a clean and easy to use panel. The internal library contains 42 evidence based protocols. The two outputs are completely independent for single channel operation or used together for interferential. These units have the reliability and backup expected from Enraf-Nonius equipment.

Other Interferentials

Sonopuls 190EN Ultrasonic Therapy

Sonopuls 190EN Ultrasound

The new Sonopulse 190EN - 1 and 3MHz Ultrasound has an exremely fast start-up.
It uses a bright, clear TFT screen with touch screen interface.
This Ultrasound has a number of stored protocols, it provides clear instructions and will set the treatment parameters automatically.
Supplied with a 5cm.sq. Ultrasound Head with the option of a small 0.8cm.sq. Ultrasound Head.
0 to 2w/ on continuo's output, 0 to 3W/ on pulsed output.

Other ultrasonic units

Traction and traction couches

ABCO Traction Couch

COMPLETE TRACTION PACKAGES Traction Packages: - These consist of a Traction Couch, an ITO Traction Unit, lumbar and thoracic harnesses, neck halter, spreader bar, adjusting straps and a knee stool.

Traction couch and traction

Laser Therapy

Precision Laser Therapy and Laservit units.

Other laser details

Hot Pack heaters and hot packs

Hot Pack heaters and hot packs

Precision Laser Therapy and Laservit units.

Hot Packs and heater details

Trolleys and stools

instrument trolley

A range of instrument trolleys, stainless steel trolleys, powder coated trolleys and work stools.

Tolleys and work stools details

Ultrasonic Gel

TGS Ultrasonic Gel

A high quality clear ultrasonic and IPL gel which may be used for medical purposes.
This gel can be supplied singly or as a box of 3 in the 5 litre, or box of 10 with the 500ml bottles.

More gels
All prices and specifications subject to change without notice

I. D. Stewart Pty. Ltd.

ABN 69 001 130 338

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