Ultrasonic Gel.


TGS Ultrasound Gel

A high quality clear ultrasonic gel which may be used for medical purposes on unbrken skin.
This gel can be supplied singly or as a box of 3 in the 5 litre, or box of 12 with the 500ml bottles.

TGS 5 litre gel. (code :- UGT5) $43.50 + delivery.
TGS 5 litre gel x 3 or more. (code :- UGT5a) $42.50 each + delivery.
Gel pump (code :- UGTP) $25.00 + delivery.
TGS 500ml (code :- UGT.5) $12.00 + delivery.
TGS 500ml box of 12 (code :- UGT.5a) $138.00 + delivery.

Manufactured for T.G.S. Electronics,Victoria, Australia.


Ultrasonic Gel

A high quality blue coloured ultrasonic which may be used for medical purposes.
This gel is supplied in a 5 litre bladder pack with a squeeze bottle.

5 litre gel. Bladder pack $38.50 + delivery.

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