Hot Pack Heater and Hot Packs.

Hot packs

Hot pack stsndard size for use in a hot pack heater, gives a moist heat to releive soreness.
Standard $25.00 HPBS
Neck $26.40 HPBN
Small Spinal POA HPBSS
Large Spinal POA HPBSP

Canvas Hot Packs are suitable for use in most water filled hot pack heaters. Like all Fullers Earth filled hot packs they swell when immersed in hot water. Once wet they should not be allowed to dry out. This type of hot pack hold it's temperature longer than most other types. Normal operating temperature is 70degC.

Hot pack covers terry towel

Hot pack covers
Standard $56.00 HPBS
Neck $56.00 HPCN
Small Spinal POA HPCSS
Large Spinal POA HPCS

Hot pack covers Hot pack covers

Terry towel colour light grey. Foam padding. The cover folds around the hot pack and the "Velcro" around the edges closes the cover. (Prices shown are for covers without hot packs).
Also available without foam insert.

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice

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